Homes are not built in an instant. It takes a man’s lifelong efforts to be able to afford a house obviously if you are not a millionaire. Houses are built on dreams and have stories of patience, hard work, perseverance, love, happiness, and sadness. They hold memories of marriage, the birth of children, houses witness them growing up until they move out. They are a source of comfort and peace for the members of the household. Have you ever thought that the same house which is so dear to you can also be a source of disease and sickness for you and your family? It usually happens when you do not clean your house properly and the germs start living there in large enough quantities to disinfect you.
What would you do if your house does not remain safe for you?
The first thing that you can do is to make sure your house stays safe for you to live in with your family because otherwise, it may cause health concerns. This should be kept in mind especially when dealing with the current pandemic situation regarding Covid-19. People cannot stay locked down in their houses forever. Especially the bread earners need to leave and go out for work, and they may become carriers of coronavirus or other deadly diseases if precautionary measures are not taken.
What can you do to keep your house safe?
There are lots of things that you can do yourself to make sure that your house remains a haven for you and not become a source of infection for your loved ones. We have listed all the important steps and procedures which can help you keep your house safe.
Disinfection of Rooms:
Our rooms are full of microbes which can affect our health especially when there is a toddler, the risk becomes high becomes they spend most of their time on the floor. This makes it very important to keep our rooms and surfaces cleaned. Follow this method to clean your rooms:
• Use water to thoroughly clean the floors of the rooms,
• Use room disinfectant spray to disinfect your rooms,
• If you have carpets, use carpet disinfectant spray after vacuuming so the risk of getting infected is reduced to a minimum,
• Thoroughly clean the kitchen shelves which will come in contact with the food, before and after using disinfectants with water.
• Wipe all the surfaces with soaked towels at least or if you can then clean them with disinfectants.
You can see the list of EPA to find out about the best disinfectant spray for home.
Disinfection of Clothes:
Clothes can become the biggest source of infectious diseases. When someone goes out for work or any other purpose and comes back home may have come in contact with contagious germs. Special care is to be taken when you go home from outside in this Covid-19 epidemic. Strictly follow these guidelines to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe.
• When you reach home, make sure to change your clothes and wear clean ones as soon as you enter your home.
• Do not meet anyone right after coming home and before changing your clothes.
• Use a disinfectant spray for clothes to thoroughly clean and disinfect them.
• Do not forget to read the label instructions to get the most benefits out of the disinfectant.
Disinfection of Lawns and Garages:
Lawns and garages are the outside areas of your house however, they may still not be as contagious as the inside. They do not require special treatment. Also, the outsides of windows and doors do not require a lot of attention like using disinfectants. Cleaning them thoroughly with water is enough. However, if there has been a coronavirus case on the premises then special steps like using air disinfectant sprays for fogging may become necessary, for that you will need professional help for which First American Disinfecting is always available.
Personal Care:
The most that you need to care about is yourself, especially if you are going out for work or shopping. Self-care is most important for you. It keeps you and your family members safe from diseases. To avoid becoming a carrier of disease you need to follow these precautionary measures:
• Wear masks while going out,
• Maintain social distancing as it is our biggest weapon against coronavirus
• Once you come home, take a shower immediately before meeting your loved ones
• If you feel pain in the throat, make sure to gargle with warm water.
• If you feel sick, contact your doctor and stay in quarantine until a green signal is given by your doctor.
Where You Need Us?
We are available to provide professional disinfection of your house. While it is good to disinfect your house on daily basis, it is best to call a professional disinfection service company once in a while, so your house is disinfected on a deeper level.
We have highly trained technicians who are experienced and adept at using our state-of-the-art machinery to clean every nook and cranny of your house. We aim to provide the best disinfection service by using the best disinfectant spray which is registered with EPA. Our disinfection processes are approved by CDC and certified by IICRC which is also the certificate of our services. We make no compromise when it comes to you and your loved ones’ health because we believe a home clean home makes a home sweet home.
If you need our services or if you need a consultation, feel free to reach out to us via email or call. We will be happy to provide consultation and happier to provide our services to you. We are available 24/7 so get to us any time when you feel convenient.

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