Coronavirus has us locked down into our homes for a long time now. The economy has crashed and even people with sufficient income sources are worried. To let the economy, get stable, the lockdown has been lifted and working operations are resuming. At most places’ life has gone back to normal, however, we should not forget that our hidden enemy is still lurking and is ready to attack us at the first opportunity we give by letting our guard down. Social distancing, wearing masks, gloves is essential nowadays however, we need to take extra measures since we have resumed our activities and social distancing has reduced.
With all the businesses opening, the employers must take care of their health, their employees, and customers’ safety because their families’ safety and world’s future depends upon how we contain the spread of Covid-19. This puts a responsibility on all of us to make sure we do not become a carrier of the disease and infect others. First American Disinfecting where provides disinfection services we care about you, and the main purpose of our article is to provide you with information on how you can keep your workplaces sterilized on daily basis. We shall also provide information on where you will need professional help.

Restaurants are the busiest places no matter whatever the situation is. With so much gathering at a place and people hanging out, it is important to thoroughly disinfect your tables, chairs, etc. The first line of defense is social distancing, wearing masks and getting your place disinfected by a disinfection service company, First American Disinfecting since we use the best disinfectant sprays. After you have established the first defensive against virus attacks, you should take care of sterilizing your restaurant or café daily which can be done by following methods:
• Disinfection of restaurants is a tricky work because with all the food and food-related equipment it is essential to take care of the process very carefully.
• Disinfecting tablets, chairs, doorknobs, floors, etc. is easy. You simply clean them with water and then use an EPA-registered disinfectant to sterilize them.
• The trick comes when you are dealing with cooking areas or utensils, follow instructions on whichever the disinfectant you are using, clean the equipment thoroughly with water before and after disinfecting it. Do not use it for some time, maybe 15 minutes or half an hour.
• If you are having issues while disinfecting such areas, feel free to call and ask for assistance, First American disinfectant is always available to provide you disinfection services.
Whether you go to a restaurant daily or not, you still have to go to work whether it is a software house, a call center, or any other place with lots of computers or they may be with or without any high tech machinery, the success of your business depends upon your health and the safety of your workers from microbial attacks. The guidelines to disinfect your offices are:
• Thoroughly clean office floors, carpets, doorknobs, or any other high touch areas.
• If it is possible, make it compulsory for a user to use the same machine/computer every day.
• Disinfect laptops, keyboards, or any other high touch areas every other day.
• Hire professionals from First American Disinfecting who are skilled, experienced, and know how to disinfect every nook and cranny of your office.
Malls are commercial hubs, even though online shopping has been into the trend for a long time, the importance of malls has not decreased at all. They are not only shopping places, but you can have fun with your friends and family while shopping at a mall. This means that means is also a source of diseases such as Covid-19. The disinfection of such large commercial areas as malls should be done with the following rules in mind:
• High touchpoint areas should be disinfected regularly
• Food courts of malls should be disinfected by using the methods need to clean restaurants
• Techniques like fogging are highly effective for large areas however it requires training so calling in technicians from First American Disinfecting is highly recommended.

We come to help you out before you are starting your business and when you have been on the premises for a long time without any disinfection. We also provide daily based disinfection or any other time interval between disinfection of your place which seems good to you. We provided services like fogging, touchpoint disinfection, and deep cleaning depending upon your commercial needs. Our highly trained technicians are adept at handling and using state of the art equipment to disinfect your premises. We EPA-registered commercial disinfectant spray of Foster which are known for their reliability and effectiveness. Our main purpose is to help you out and to keep you safe so whenever you need us, we are available to serve.
We are available 24/7 with our trained technicians, effective service and best disinfectant spray so contact us at any time when you need the best disinfection service for your commercial areas.

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